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A short Star Citizen introduction

Star Citizen is a first-person MMO with hundreds of solar systems once released. The game features incredibly detailed spaceships varying from small single-seaters to huge multi-crew starships capable of carrying fighter ships. The beta will have massive space stations, planetary outposts, FPS action, land vehicles, exploration opportunities, mining, trading combat etc.

Chris Roberts at the helm

Star Citizen is currently being developed by Cloud Imperium games under the guidance of founder Chris Roberts. Roberts is known for the famous Wing commander games and Privateer. After gaming, he spent some time in Hollywood making movies.

Biggest crowdfunded game ever

Currently, it’s the biggest crowdfunded project ever,  $160 million in funding has been raised so far. Over 400 staff are working hard to bring the best damn space sim ever created.

If you’re interested in the game and have a decent PC you could wait for 3.0 to drop and try the game for free. Free fly events occur around 5 times each year. Star Citizen has a large fanbase, some of the more hardcore fans hang around on Reddit. a subreddit. You should definitely check out the Star Citizen subreddit. Be sure to visit the FAQ before you ask questions.

Star Citizen is in early Alpha

At this moment the game is in alpha and playable. Content is thin but enjoyable for a couple of hours, the fidelity is entertaining enough. This should change once version 3.0 arrives where the first game mechanics are rolled out. 3.0 should bring cargo hauling (space trucking), bounty hunting and various combat missions and might be considered early access. Mining and exploration will be coming after that. Once 3.0 is publicly available we should get a first glance at  these game mechanics

Star Citizen controversy

There is much controversy surrounding SC, mainly because of the ridiculous prices for some of the game packages and numerous delays. You’re not supposed to buy those expensive packages, they’re only to support the game. A starter pack is about $60 which is a bargain for 2 triple-A games.

Others claim that the game will never finish because it takes such a long time to develop. To be fair, what they are doing is unique and innovation is time-consuming. Game development isn’t easy, especially when you look at the scale of the project. Delays are pretty common in software development but when you using an open development approach it gets noticed.

Community outrage over referral program

Like many other games, Star Citizen has its own affiliate program. It rewards backers with virtual goodies to use in the massive space game. The referral program was announced late 2015 with rewards up to 3000 recruits. As many backers already had referred people before the introduction, it caused quite a stir and divided the community. People were angry because they missed out on the rewards and others hated the program because the game is still in alpha. Some weren’t comfortable referring friends to an alpha game.

In 2017 the developing company Cloud Imperium Games announced a referral contest. The one referring the most backers could win a VIP trip to Germany and win a spaceship which normally cost over $3000 (!). The announcing video featured some of the more popular content creators and endorsed their personal codes. It caused another outrage, but the community loves drama.

Star Citizen’s subreddit was flooded for weeks with angry posts about the contest and when it ended CIG didn’t say much about it. No one got the VIP-ticket though. The top referrers all had over 1000 recruits and the winner got about 1600 (including referrals before the contest started). Most of them are Youtubers or Twitch streamers and another runs a popular Facebook group.

It’s really easy to get recruits though, most of the complainers just wanted stuff for free and didn’t want to work for it. Some good tips to get recruits can be found at In a nutshell, all you have to do is create content like Youtube video’s, post pretty infographics on Imgur or write guides. As a last resort Adwords comes to mind but would you really pay money for virtual points? Well, some do actually, but people buy 3000 dollar virtual spaceships so maybe it isn’t that surprising.

Single and Multiplayer game

Star citizen will consist of a single player game called Squadron42 and the multiplayer game. Squadron42 is expected to release somewhere around 2018 and the MMO could be in beta by 2020. Enough time to save for a high-end rig from outer-space.


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