Picking the right gaming mouse

Picking the right gaming mouse

First of all, you’ll need a mouse with variable DPI settings which most of the gaming mice have. DPI allows you to set the resolution of the mouse and decrease or increase the sensitivity of your mouse. This allows you to speed up and slow down cursor movement. There are a couple of key factors you should consider before buying a mouse, if you don’t you might end up with buyers remorse.

Small hand, big hands it makes a huge difference

Why? Ergonomics! You’ll need a mouse that fits your hand perfectly to avoid strain and pain. So take a look at this table to make sure you pick the right gaming mouse to play Star Citizen.

Measure the palm of your hand, from the top of the middle finger to the first wrist crease. You should hold your hand in a flat position. Now compare to the data below.

  • Small Hands:  14 – 16.9CM / 5.5 – 6.6 inch
  • Medium Hands: 17 – 19.5CM / 6.7 – 7.6 inch
  • Large Hands: 19.5CM / 7.7 inch+

Note: If your hand measurement is between two sizes and you have a relatively thin hand, select the larger size. If you have a thick palm you should choose the smaller of the two.

Think about your grip, what type of mouse user are you. There are differences, palm grip, claw grip, fingertip grip or maybe you switch grips based on the situation. Sometimes you need to be quick, and sometimes you just want to sit back and use a grip you can hold for hours. I’m more of a palm grip type of user myself.

Palm Grip mice

This is the most common grip, palm grip users mainly use their forearm & wrist to move the mouse. This is more comfortable because your hand is resting on the mouse. I need comfort and when I change my grip my hands start to hurt after a while. A palm grip mouse is often wider and longer. The back usually is usually steeper for extra support.

Claw Grip mice

Claw grip gamers have the advantage of quick and precise movements and tend to pick up the mouse to move it across the surface. You recognize this grip by the claw type of grip (duh), the hand is arched shaped with less supporting touch points for the hand like the palm grip. If this is you, you’ll need a shorter mouse without a large back arch.

Tip Grip mice

Less common is the tip grip, there is minimal contact between the hand and the mouse surface. Only the tip of the fingers controls the mouse allowing extremely rapid movement. Less suitable when movement requires being more delicateIf you are this type of user you’ll probably also pull the mouse along the surface because of the lack of contact with the back of your hand.

Compare to the palm grip type mice, claw grip mice are more suitable for fast gliding and provide users the feeling of control when moving fast back and forth across the screen.

types of gaming mouse grips

you’ll probably aim better with a smaller mouse relative to your hand size, it shouldn’t be too small are you’ll cramp your hand.

Important aspects of a gaming mouse

Here are a few important aspects of a gaming mouse you should consider when buying a gaming mouse.


Most gamers prefer a lightweight mouse, at least under 100 grams


Very important. the shape should have enough room for your fingers to place them wherever you want without too much hassle.


Used to be important but nowadays almost all gaming mice have excellent sensors


Macros can help you increase efficiency and might give you an advantage over other players. This requires software to program the buttons. Some brands have great software and provide a great user experience where others are just plain crap.


Multiple buttons could help you increase efficiency but also makes it harder to remember what each button exactly does in different games.

This is just a basic guide to get you an idea of important factors when buying a new gaming mouse. Do your research and make sure you can return a mouse if you don’t like it. You don’t want to end up with RSI, believe me.


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