Star Citizen funding data

Star Citizen blasts past 170 million in crowdfunding

Star citizen funding seems unstoppable, backers have now raised over  $170 million in funding (as of August 2017). How on earth did this video game which is still in Alpha raise so much money? First, let’s have a look at how it all started.

Star Citizen crowdfunding Kickstarter

Over 35k backers raised $2,134,374 on Kickstarter in just a few days, a great start. At the end of the campaign, a total of $6,238,563 was raised, that’s quite an amount of money! Meanwhile, the previous crowdfunding record ($4,169,794) was broken at 11/17/2012 at exactly 15:52.  Star Citizen’s crowdfunding didn’t end here. CIG decided to extend the funding on their own website.

Why use Crowdfunding?

Basically funding a game this way means no pressure from investors or hard deadlines. This means there are hardly any constraints in developing the game. The Star Citizen community is pretty vocal though and their voices are heard but they can’t pressure deadlines. Backing the game is not the same as investing, the money is used to develop the game and you’re not getting any profit in return. Fortunately, CIG updates the community through comm links and videos and major events like Citizencon and Gamescom.

Breaking the crowdfunding record

Star Citizen broke the crowdfunding record on Nov 17th, 2012 at 15:52, this was huge. Though this was amazing, it’s nothing compared to the amount of money they have raised today.

Crowdfunding on Nov 17th 2012 (source)
Time Amount raised
14:00 $4,136,838
14:30 $4,143,459
15:00 $4,150,318
15:30 $4,160,270
15:52 Over $4,163,208 raised, new record
16:00 $4,169,794
16:30 $4,176,376

Funding continued at RSI website

The first few days the mass number of visitors caused the servers to go down. Once they had more capacity funding started to really take off.

As of 2017 funding slowed down

Which was to be expected but the funding for 2017 is still impressive. Maybe the hunger is a bit saturated but we haven’t seen the anniversary sales yet. The anniversary sale always bring in tons millions of cash and is one of the highlights of the year.
Once CIG releases a trailer of squadron 42 funding will probably surge again. Is it something to worry about? I don’t know the company has highly talented people in control of the money flow and I don’t have insight in how they run finance. I’ll leave it to the experts.

Can Star Citizen continue raising money?

The money train isn’t stopping, and this also is the case in 2017. Although before December 2017 funding seem to slow down but the anniversary sale made up for it. This might be because there hasn’t been a patch update for about a year and people are hungry for updates. With Star Citizen 3.0 on the rise, there might be a huge spike in funding. I’m biased, but I’m confident CIG will pull it off and they won’t run out of money. Squadron 42 is very close and the flow of money coming in is steady.

If not, no big deal. I love the journey so far, shows like Around the Verse, Bug Smashers and events like Gamescom/Citizencon is what keeps me confident.

Who cares about funding, it’s not a big deal

I’m sorry to burst your bubble but funding is what keeps development going. I agree that there are many articles out there that only focus on funding. Guess what, this is something never seen before, it’s unique, one of a kind. There has never been a crowdfunded project that brought in this amount of revenue… so yeah, it’s talked about. It gets the project noticed and written about so it’s not a bad thing. I agree however that the focus should be on the game, but c’mon man, 170 million Schmeckles!



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